Now On Air:8:39:53 PM (local) (Flash & The Pan) Down Among The Dead Men

Previous Tracks:8:35:54 PM (local) (Russell Morris) Sweet Sweet Love
 8:30:44 PM (local) (Skyhooks) Smut
 8:27:08 PM (local) (Skyhooks) Living in the 70's
 8:22:58 PM (local) (Daddy Cool) Eagle Rock~0
 8:20:27 PM (local) (Daddy Cool) Bom Bom
 8:16:20 PM (local) (Billy Thorpe) Most People I Know Think I'm Crazy
 8:12:42 PM (local) (Bee Gees) Jive Talkin'
 8:08:02 PM (local) (Bee Gees) Stayin' Alive
 8:02:51 PM (local) (AC-DC) It's A Long Way To The Top
 7:58:44 PM (local) (AC-DC) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

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