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KJ's Radio World Wide
KJ @ FM2000-radio.com:
2009 to Current

Demographics from 2008-2009
FM2k more active once again then we have in past year. A Large Percentage of our broadcasts are targettinged at local audiences via FM and AM, however we will be simulcasting on the live streams via the internet from time to time, mostly on weekends. It is worth noting that our European Morning and Day time broadcasts and broadcasts targetting both IRC chat in Europe and Whirlpool for Australia which attracts substancial numbers of listeners tuning in. We also are utilising more material from Satellite sources duing times there are no live broadcasts. To Our Listening Audience -- Thank you !!

Our current projects
Include Lots of Music, coverage of the world economic crisis, crisis in ZImbabwe, World Hotspots, and the No Net Filter issue In Australia, We are also hosting a joint FM2000 - AussieQueens Queen 'The band' Podcasts project. We also completed a successful live release of the Roger Taylor Birthday broadcast in July with listeners in Australia, NZ, UK, South Africa, USA, Canada, UK and Europe.

Radio 1 continues with greatest hits and new stuff along with news and weather

Radio 2 Offers more hard rock material.

Radio 3 Offers Relays of Satellite programming.

we welcome you to catch our stream simulcasts soon. Our Promotional work in European and South African Irc Chat servers and on Whirlpool will continue.