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Queensland: Week by Week (Updated 8 September)
So far top 20 of the wettest September ever so far.
above average warm nights so far
Normally September is the dryest month for Queensland
Sept 6-12

inland trough system will move east wards to the coast over the first week with spring type weather,
by the weekend increased rain activity starting on Friday for SEQ and isolated coastal up to cairns, this will
clear up on Saturday.
Sub Tropical Moisture (Southern Coral Sea is the driver)
Sept 12-19
Another Series of Trough systems in land and SE Queensland with further rain extending to central queensland
Next trough system arrives on monday followed by another trough system all of which extends up to the
Darwin-Daley district in the NT
patterns with successive troughs to persist in queensland as a east coast low forms,
Possibility of 100-150 mm rain Isolated in SEQ 40-50 mm general in SEQ 50-100 mm in Darwin
moderate wet events in Darwin mainly overnight and high chances of heavy rain in SW WA
Sub Tropical Moisture (Southern Coral Sea is the driver)

Sept 19-26
Above average rainfall from cairns to the border, darwin and SW WA
Sept 26 to October 3
ABove Average Rain with Trough systems for most of queensland and rain in darwin, dry in WA
Tropical moisture from (Northern Coral Sea as the main driver) is expected from this point enhancing the
amount of rain expected

Sept 26 to October 5
Generally higher then average rainfall in the first week of October
North West Queensland and Darwin should have higher chances of rain for
At A Quick Glance:
Above average water temps +3 degrees north of tropic of capricornia, cooler to average in southern Coral Sea
Negetive IOD and and La Nina threshild remains strong and likely to remainso for the next 3 months
SAM daily index is off the charts which means larger amounts of moisture availale for Queensland

Overview of climate (Long Range):
La Nina at -1 since August 15
Its expected to be a Wet Summer for an active La Nina and a Negetive IOD

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