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Tech world warns risk of extincition from AI should be a global priority
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

 Top artificial intelligence executives join experts and professors in raising the "risk of extinction from AI", urging politicians to equate at par with risks posed by pandemics and nuclear war.

Lack of detail stopped federal police initially investigating PwC breach
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

The Australian Taxation Office raised concerns about a confidentiality breach at PwC to Australian Federal Police in March 2018, but a lack of detail meant no investigation was launched.

Chinese police clash with Muslim ethnic group trying to protect mosque
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

Clashes erupt in China's south-western Yunnan province as officials push ahead with plans to raze four minarets and the dome roof of the Najiaying Mosque, angering locals who turn out to confront police.

AFL shuts down Hawthorn racism review as First Nations players seek to 'resolve all differences'
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

An independent panel investigating allegations of racism at the Hawthorn Football Club concludes, making no adverse findings against former senior coaches and managers. 

Rebuilding Notre Dame's fire-ravaged roof transports workers back to Middle Ages
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

Carpenters use woodworking techniques pioneered during the building of Notre Dame Cathedral more than 800 years ago to rebuild the world-famous monument's roof.

One Nation senator challenges ADF chief to 'surrender' Afghanistan medal
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

The Australian Defence Force chief is grilled in parliament over moves to revoke military honours from some soldiers who served in Afghanistan, with one senator suggesting General Angus Campbell should "surrender" his own medal.

Pressure on Japan to change marriage laws after court rules same-sex ban is unconstitutional
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

A Japanese court rules that not allowing same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, a decision activists welcomed as a step towards marriage equality.

Roger Cook to become WA's new premier after all other contenders pull out of race
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

WA Deputy Premier Roger Cook will be the state’s next premier, after Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson confirms she has withdrawn from the leadership contest.

Regurgitator, The Whitlams among music acts set to perform at 2023 Darwin Festival
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

One of Darwin's biggest annual events, the festival will feature more than 850 artists performing across over 80 events.

Bullet breaks Sydney primary school window while children inside
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

NSW Police say the firing of the bullet that broke a classroom window at Macquarie Fields Public School was not a targeted act. 

Family of man who drowned during police chase hopes inquest brings change
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

Circumstances surrounding death of Brandon Clark, 23, who drowned in the Manning River in Taree during a police pursuit, will be examined during four-day coronial inquest.

Tim Tszyu fight could be postponed after world champion undergoes surgery following dog bite
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

Tim Tsyzu's camp insists he will be fit for the first defence of his interim boxing world title despite the fighter requiring surgery after being bitten by a dog.

Calvary will launch legal action against ACT government's proposed hospital takeover
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

With legislation giving the ACT government power to forcibly acquire Calvary's land and assets expected to pass tomorrow, chief executive Martin Bowles says it has no choice but to challenge the takeover in court.

Knife-wielding man tasered and arrested by police in Adelaide's CBD
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

SA Police say they found the man on King William Street and told him to drop the knife, but he refused to comply.

Japanese PM forces son to resign after private party at PM's official residence prompts public outrage
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

Photos published by a magazine showed Fumio Kishida's son and his party guests posing on the building's red-carpeted stairs, imitating group photos of newly appointed cabinets.

'Huge relief' as osprey pair accepts man-made home, perched '25m in the air'
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

A daring treetop mission has seen the years-long nesting site of a pair of eastern ospreys rebuilt on the Sunshine Coast after it was badly damaged during storm.

Arabian spacecraft to search asteroid belt for clues to life's origins
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

The United Arab Emirates is following its successful Mars orbiter with a mission 10 times as long as it looks to the asteroid belt for clues about how organic molecules arrived on Earth.

Chris Dawson treated student like his 'property' and 'groomed' her, court told
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

Chris Dawson's former student has given evidence against the 74-year-old convicted murderer, who is facing one count of carnal knowledge, in the NSW District Court.

Police seek further evidence over huge drug haul on 'black flight'
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

Five men stand accused of orchestrating a clandestine flight from Papua New Guinea to Australia with more than 52 kilograms of methamphetamine on board. 

Satellite confirms Queensland meteor was largest over Australia in 30 years
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

The meteor that captivated Queensland this month was the largest space rock recorded over Australia in 30 years and had a blast equivalent to exploding 7.2 kilotons of TNT.

News from the BBC World Service

Moscow drone attack: Putin says Ukraine trying to frighten Russians
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

The Russian president says drone attacks on Moscow targeted civilians, as Ukraine denies direct involvement.

TV fraud gang jailed for illegally streaming Premier League games
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

A gang sold cheap subscriptions to an illegal service showing games not otherwise available in the UK.

Nearly 800 mortgage deals pulled amid uncertainty over rates
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

Lenders are "reassessing" their offers amid concerns about how high interest rates will go.

Oxford protests as Kathleen Stock talk goes ahead
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

Protesters gather at Oxford Union, after the prime minister backs gender-critical academic's invite.

Train strikes: How drivers' walkout on Wednesday will affect you
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

What you need to know about the walkout by Aslef train drivers, by the BBC's Zoe Conway.

Watch: Florida beachgoers run for cover after shooting
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

Nine people are injured, including children, after gunfire breaks out at Hollywood Beach.

No 10 denies cover-up over Boris Johnson Covid WhatsApps
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

The government has so far refused to hand over the unredacted messages to the official Covid inquiry.

Kosovo-Serbia row leaves Nato peacekeepers under attack
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

The leaders of Kosovo and Serbia trade accusations after Nato soldiers are hurt in fierce clashes.

TikTok star Mizzy bailed over alleged social media order breach
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

The teenager is accused of posting video without the consent of the people featured.

Artificial intelligence could lead to extinction, experts warn
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

Heads of OpenAI, Google Deepmind and Anthropic say the threat is as great as pandemics and nuclear war.

Covid: Top Chinese scientist says don’t rule out lab leak
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

The man who led China's pandemic response says inquiries into its origins should consider everything.

Derek Thompson: Casualty's Charlie Fairhead leaves after 37 years
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

After nearly 900 episodes of the BBC drama, his character Charlie will hang up his scrubs for good.

Royal Blood: How not to win over a festival crowd
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

The band's exit to their set at Radio 1's Big Weekend has caused a lot of controversy.

Moscow drone attack: What we know about the strikes
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

Several buildings have been damaged by drone attacks in Moscow.

Army's IRA spy Freddie Scappaticci admitted killing suspected informer
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

The detail is uncovered in a BBC Spotlight investigation into Freddie Scappaticci, who died in April.

Gods of Tennis: How a generation of tennis players changed the world in the 1970s and 1980s
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

A new documentary series, Gods of Tennis, explores how a generation of tennis players changed the sport forever

The 'exploding' demand for giant heat pumps
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

Whole towns in Europe are being heated by huge, energy efficient heat pumps.

Beyoncé tour review: An intergalactic explosion of fun
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

The star pays tribute to Tina Turner and dances with her daughter, as her world tour reaches London.

The Gallows Pole: Shane Meadows does period drama - with an office worker and mechanic
Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

A mechanic and a financial team leader are among the first-time actors in Shane Meadows' new series.

Elizabeth Holmes is going to prison. Will she ever pay victims too?
Posted on Monday May 29, 2023

Experts say victims often never get their money back from those who defrauded them.

Warnings ::
With the extension of the lockdown until Sunday, August 8, Moreton Police would like to urge residents not to become complacent and to adhere to the restrictions.

If you are heading out and know you are not complying, then ask yourself these two questions:

“Can I afford a $1,378 fine right now?” And more importantly, “Am I willing to put other people and my family/ friends at risk of what could be a life threatening illness for them?”

Please stay home, help save lives and don’t abuse the restrictions – they are there for a reason.

If you need to familiarise yourself with the restrictions again, you can find the Chief Health Officers directions here. http://health.qld.gov.au

Covid-19 jabs are available across Queensland at QLD Health vaccine clinics, Commonwealth jab hubs, GPs, and pharmacies.

You can find a full list here https://www.couriermail.com.au/coronavirus/interactive-search-where-to-get-covid-vaccine-in-queensland/news-story/ce381b8c62ee5f0d191eb75d1aedf01c

For a QLD Health clinic, you must register and book online at https://www.vaccinebookings.health.qld.gov.au

For GPs and Commonwealth jab hubs, look for an appointment near you using the government’s Eligibility Checker website, http://covid-vaccine.healthdirect.gov.au

You can also give your usual GP a call to see if they are providing jabs.

If you feel you need more information about the jab, or are under 40 and looking to get the AstraZeneca vaccine, speaking to a GP is the most sensible option.

For pharmacies, use the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Find a Pharmacy tool to find one near you.

This may be your go to jab spot if you are in a rural or regional area. http://findapharmacy.com.au






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