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Gunman kills at least five in 'frightening' attack on aged care facility in Croatia
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

An armed man entered an aged care facility in central Croatia on Monday and opened fire, killing five people and wounding several others, authorities and media reports said.

Taiwan holds unscripted war games after Chinese 'punishment' drills
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Taiwan's military holds drills across the island that mimic real-life combat in a series of exercises designed to prevent Taipei being seized by Chinese forces.

A look back at US President Joe Biden's political career in pictures
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Mr Biden has been involved in politics since the early 1970s, going from a local councillor to a US senator to America's vice-president and president. After his announcement that he will not be contesting the upcoming presidential election, we've taken a look back at the long-serving politician's career in pictures.

Australian war graves in historic Gaza cemetery feared damaged or destroyed following Israel's invasion
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Satellite imagery has revealed the extent of damage to the Gaza War Cemetery at Deir El Belah, which is mainly dedicated to fallen Allied personnel, including more than 250 Australians.

Secret Service director Kim Cheatle once said she 'thrives on chaos'. An assassination attempt puts that claim to the test
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

An attempted assassination, an "unacceptable" Secret Service response and a subpoena demanding she appear before a public hearing — here's what's ahead for Kimberly Cheatle. 

Inquest hears search for missing skier began more than a day after his mother alerted emergency services
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

The adequacy of police search efforts for Canberra man Andrew Seton, who was an experienced skier missing in the NSW Snowy Mountains, is at the centre of the coronial inquest into his death.  

ACT police investigating after two separate incidents in which men were allegedly lured via dating app and assaulted
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

ACT Policing says the two men went to separate locations in Canberra after matching with someone on a dating app. They were then allegedly assaulted by a group of men in what police say may have been a targeted, homophobic attack. 

Stegosaurus skeleton sells for record $67.5m at US auction
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

About 150 million years after its death, the stegosaurus nicknamed Apex has been sold to a private buyer.

Father who tragically died trying to save twin daughters dreamed of parents moving to Australia
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

A childhood friend of Anand Runwal, who died while trying to save his twin daughters from an oncoming train at Carlton rail station, described him as a loving family man who always stayed in touch with his friends.

Drivers to be tested for cocaine in SA as police expand roadside drug detections
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Roadside drug testing will be bolstered in SA to allow for on-the-spot cocaine detection, as police seek to reduce the frequency of fatal crashes linked to the illicit substance.

CrowdStrike outage tipped to leave Australian businesses with damage bill surpassing $1 billion
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Australian businesses are assessing the damage bill from last week's CrowdStrike outage and expect the impact of the glitch to last for months.

'Appalling': Queensland premier slams AI-generated political attack ad posted by opposition
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Steven Miles has hit out at his opponent after the Queensland opposition used artificial intelligence to create a fake video to mock the premier. 

Amber Haigh's accused murderer confessed to killing previous partner, murder trial hears
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

A neighbour of missing mother Amber Haigh says Robert Samuel Geeves told her and Ms Haigh "about how he killed his ex-wife".

The mystery surrounding a 50-year-old bullet hole inside Tasmania's Parliament House
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Letters written with poisoned ink, missiles thrown at politicians' homes and a heated debate about the flooding of Lake Pedder. It was in this climate in 1972 that a shot was fired one night through the window of Tasmania's parliament house.  

'Trusting only in God': One of 14 accused of killing Elizabeth Struhs emailed details of her death to his boss
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Elizabeth Struhs suffered diabetic ketoacidosis in her Toowoomba home in January 2022 after her insulin injections were withdrawn by her father due to his religious beliefs.

Hundreds of giant tortoises return to Galápagos Islands as part of conservation program
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Conservationists have successfully released 560 giant tortoises to the Galápagos Islands as part of a scheme to boost the numbers of the animal, which once came close to extinction.

If it's a Harris and Trump showdown, there's a huge question where no one knows the answer
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Never before has a major US political party switched horses midstream this close to a presidential election. There are so many unknowns.

SA man pleads guilty to dangerous driving over crash that killed Victorian couple
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

A 21-year-old pleads guilty to two counts of death by dangerous driving over a double fatal crash in South Australia's South East that killed a couple from Warrnambool.

Fractured foot and collapsed lung puts Carlton ruck's season in doubt
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Carlton star Tom De Koning requires surgery on a fractured foot and will miss the rest of the AFL home-and-away season in a huge blow to the Blues' bid for a top-two spot.

Embattled Sydney council to mount legal challenge against NSW government
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Local Government Minister Ron Hoenig wrote to the council to respond to findings from an interim report that identified alleged "potential maladministration and/or corruption".

News from the BBC World Service

A situation without modern precedent. What happens next?
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

The path for a Democratic nominee is less than clear months before the election.

Couple in crash that killed six people named
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Family and friends of Shannen Morgan and Shane Roller say they are "absolutely broken" by the deaths.

Israel orders evacuation of part of Gaza humanitarian zone
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Strikes are reported around Khan Younis, after people are told to leave eastern areas in the zone.

Ryanair set to slash summer fares as profits drop
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

The airline said cost-concious customers were being "more frugal and cautious".

Strictly left Paralympian with injuries he'll 'never get over'
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Paralympian Will Bayley was left in "horrific pain" after falling from a jump in rehearsals.

BT fined millions for failing to connect 999 calls
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

The telecoms firm was found to be ill-prepared after an IT error affected "life and death" services.

Unis told to manage own budgets after call for bailouts
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Education secretary comments after union says many unis face "catastrophe" without emergency cash.

Joey Barton charged over malicious communications
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

The former player said on X that the charges related to posts he had made concerning Eni Aluko.

New Prince George photo released on 11th birthday
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Kensington Palace has posted the image, taken by his mother, Catherine, Princess of Wales.

Kew Gardens prepares for climate change tree loss
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Scientists at Kew believe half its 11,000 tree species could be at risk by the end of the century.

What it all means for Harris, the Democrats and Trump
Posted on Sunday July 21, 2024

President Biden has upended the 2024 White House race for the Democrats. Here is what it means for Kamala Harris, his party and Trump.

Isolating at a beach house, Biden gave aides one minute notice of exit
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Most of the president's senior aides found out about his decision to exit the race minutes before he publicly announced it.

'The right move but is it too late?' Democratic voters react
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Liberal voters - and one Republican sceptical of Trump - react to Biden's decision to endorse Harris.

Mass killer who ‘hunted’ black people says police encouraged him
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Ex-security guard, Louis van Schoor, killed dozens in South Africa but was only jailed for seven murders.

'I earn £50,000 and can't afford to buy a house'
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

Renters are four times less likely than current owners to be able to afford a home, research suggests.

Engravings reveal Pepys' lifelong love of fashion
Posted on Monday July 22, 2024

The diarist's fashion print collection reveals his anxiety about dressing appropriately, says expert.

Why did it take 29 days to find Jay Slater?
Posted on Sunday July 21, 2024

Questions remain after the teenager's body was found in Tenerife - and it's unclear whether they will be answered.

Conspiracy theories swirl about geo-engineering, but could it help save the planet?
Posted on Sunday July 21, 2024

If we can’t control rising global temperatures by drastically cutting carbon emissions, could something called geo-engineering be a way to cool the planet?

Unfathomable errors and 'cinnamon bun' strategy: Political end-of-term report cards
Posted on Saturday July 20, 2024

As Parliament approaches summer recess, Laura Kuenssberg reflects on how they've performed over a dizzying few months.

Donald Trump’s supporters saw two sides of him. Which one might govern?
Posted on Friday July 19, 2024

Looking back at the Republican National Convention offers some clues, says Anthony Zurcher.

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